What to Do and See in Canada

Canada has a lot to offer, from cities to a rainforest, huge mountains and some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the world. If you’re a fan of the classic road trip, then Canada should be your next destination.

Montreal (in Quebec) is unlike anywhere else in Canada, especially in the older parts of the city, where the French restaurant staff speak French, and the streets are made of cobblestone. There’s an underground mall and plenty of jazz clubs; you could be forgiven for thinking you were in Europe!

This city will feel more like what you might expect from a Canadian city, as opposed to Montreal. The best part is when walking to the edge of the city, and you find that you’re instantly immersed in the mountains. It is one of the best places in the world to find such a wonderful mix of concrete jungle and nature.

Canadian Food
Interestingly, Canadians have amazing food without really being known for it. Poutine, anyone? Fans of the pub meal, you’ll be looking to spend around 15-35 CAD between the pubs and nicer restaurants. You can get away with cooking for yourself at about 50-75 CAD per week.

The Icefields
The primary connection between Banff and Jasper is the Icefields: massive glaciers that have to be experienced in the flesh. You can hike through Maligne Canyon and see frozen waterfalls, or go skiing and snowboarding in a range of different spots. If the cold weather is your thing, this is the place to check out!

Use a Car
Considering how big Canada is, the easiest way to get around is definitely by car. Public transport is excellent within the major cities, but if you want to get out and about to explore the wilderness, you’ll need your own ride. Keep in mind that there are only two major airlines in Canada, so flying between spots can be pricey.

Roadtrippers will be in heaven in Canada; splash out on renting a cool and comfy car to take you on an amazing adventure.

Romantic Travel Destination Ideas For Couples

After the Covid-19 pandemic, your passion to travel will be back, especially travelling with your special someone. Choosing the perfect romantic travel destinations is the first thing to do to plan the ideal vacation for you and the one you love.

Tahiti. This tropical paradise is truly an oasis for lovers. Located in the heart of the South Pacific, the island boasts authentic huts with all the benefits of five-star hotels. The beautiful jungle makes a perfect backdrop for island love, and a beach walk in Tahiti is nothing short of thrilling.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Tennessee is a good place to travel for couples in the Deep South. Gatlinburg offers the best romantic gateway. Many come here to recommence their wedding vows, go on a honeymoon, or simply getaway on a laid-back weekend for two. 

Enjoy a romantic getaway in the Great Smoky Mountains. The log cabins will surely appeal to travelling lovers as the view of the mist around the majestic peaks set the lovely mood. Walks on the Riverwalk and dinners at unique country restaurants and inns are just some of the things to do there.

Paris, France. Of course, Paris is on top of the romantic travel destinations list. The City of Love is often dubbed as the capital city of romance, with spectacular sights such as the Eiffel Tower, wonderous architecture, and world-famous museums. There’s a lot of romantic things to do in Paris with your lover. Many lovers dream of coming here to spend some time together, often avoiding all tours but just walking together endlessly. 

Romantic Vacation Ideas – Beach Destination for Honeymooners

Preparing for honeymoon travel but you have no idea where to go to celebrate your vacation? Consider going on a romantic getaway to one of a number of breath-taking beach destinations in the world. If you’re looking to get into the romantic travel spirit, you won’t go wrong with either of these romantic beach destinations.

Bora Bora in Tahiti

And finally, where would this round-up be without mentioning Bora Bora in Tahiti? This place is teeming with insanely beautiful beaches and world-class resorts that are just perfect for that honeymoon retreat.  

Stay in one of the hut-like rooms situated over a blue lagoon and experience a tropical bliss like no other. Bora Bora is a premier honeymoon destination so a honeymoon stay here perfectly fits the bill.

Soufriere in St. Lucia, France

This town on the West Coast of Saint Lucia, France boasts immaculate beaches and stunning scenery thanks to a lively green rainforest. It’s the perfect beach getaway with your significant other with white sandy beaches and the most romantic sunsets. The views of the nearby Piton volcano offers an unrivalled picture-perfect moment for couples.

Treasure Cay

The Treasure Cay in the Bahamas is a beautiful and popular island south of Florida. Powder soft sand and crystal clear azure water are sure to attract any couple looking for a place to make good memories.  

Moments of intimacy will definitely be plenty as you watch the sunset with your partner out on the beach. And if things get too slow and boring, sign up for some awesome diving or snorkelling adventure to liven up the day!

Great Places To Visit When In Scotland

Aside from Edinburgh, Scotland has a lot of great places to visit. And most of those who have visited the country will know that it is a very beautiful place to visit, full of picturesque locations, great architecture, and is also known for inspiring the creation of great books, movies, and even TV shows.

Here are some places you should try when in Scotland


An archipelago off the north coast of Scotland which has seventy islands, including 20 inhabited ones, the residents of the place dates back to the Romans by several thousands of years and once even part of Norway. It also has a collection of the oldest Neolithic sites in Europe, the pre-historic Ring of Brodgar, which is a circular stone formation commonly used in rituals. If you have seen the TV series, Outlander, this place was mostly used as a time-travelling stone where Clare and her daughter pass through.

St Andrews

St Andrews is another popular destination for tourists because of the many things they can do there. A visit to the University of St Andrews, which is the third in the Oldest in the English-speaking world, or visitors can enjoy a game of golf or relax at the coastal resort town. If you want to learn more on history, a visit at St Andrews Castle will do the trick.


According to local legend, a wolf howled when the Vikings were about to invade, which alerted the villagers thus saving their homes in the process. This is why in the city of Stirling, the wolf is an honoured animal. This place is also a great place to find a medieval Scottish town, with imposing fortress, 12th-century castle and church where King James VI was crowned in 1557.

Travel Resolutions You Might Want To Consider

travel resolutionsNew Year is a new opportunity to start fresh and new. Although we can mostly change bad habits at any time of the year, it is a tradition that we mostly list down our New Year’s resolutions at the start of the year.

Here are some of our travel resolutions you might like to think about:

Take fewer photos. It is alright to take photos and selfies if you want. But it is always good to do everything in moderation. You should also be considerate, especially when taking photos of popular places and other people also want to take pictures of the place.

In most cases, it is best to just be in the moment and enjoy and remember the details of your trip without your phone getting in the way.

Don’t use your phone when dining. This is especially true when you are dining with others. Avoid taking photos of your food because your companion may just want to eat and concentrate talking to you and not on your phone.

Paying attention to those you dine with shows you respect the dining table, the food you are eating and your companions too. Join in the conversation and connect with the actual people you are dining with which is better than tapping on your phone searching for people to connect.

Travel sustainability. Respect the place you are travelling in by not littering. If possible, bring your own reusable utensils and refillable water bottle. As we want to take care of our environment, small steps to lowering our carbon footprint on places we visit is a big help to our planet.

Best Beaches In The World For A Romantic Getaway

best beaches in the worldWhere you go to spend your honeymoon is a big deal. So check out the following beach destinations made for romantic getaways.

Bora Bora

With insanely stunning beaches and world-class resorts, Bora Bora in Tahiti is just a perfect honeymoon retreat. Stay in one of the huts like cabins situated over a blue lagoon and experience tropical bliss like no other. Bora Bora is a premier honeymoon destination so a honeymoon stay here perfectly fits the bill.


The beautiful island of Fiji offers perfect beaches with turquoise waters and stunning coral reefs. And while the beaches are more than adequate to make any newlywed’s dream vacation come true, exploring the island’s other attractions will make your stay even more memorable.

Take an adventure with your loved one through natural waterfalls and exploring underwater life while scuba diving or snorkelling. This is one honeymoon trip you’ll always remember.

Railay Beach

When the ultimate in exclusivity is what you are after, Railay Beach in Krabi, Thailand is the place to be. Accessible only by boat, this beach island is surrounded by towering limestone cliffs that look like they came straight out of a fantasy film. This single attraction makes the visit to this secluded island worth the trip. Enjoy a very relaxing and private stay on this island with your loved one.

Treasure Cay

The Treasure Cay in the Bahamas is a beautiful and popular island south of Florida. Powder soft sand and crystal clear azure water are sure to attract any couple looking for a place to make good memories.

Intimate moments will definitely be plenty as you view the sunset with your special someone on the beach. And if things get too slow and boring, sign up for some awesome diving or snorkelling adventure to liven up the day!

Stress-Free Holiday Getaways – Relaxing Destinations To Go On Holiday

stress free getawaysAre you looking for a relaxing destination to go on holiday? Here are some great places that gives you a chance to escape the busy city life.

The Maldives

Known to be a great place to go on a honeymoon, but the Maldives is also a great place to enjoy your leisure holiday with family and friends. A South Asian country situated in the Indian Ocean, it offers fascinating islands, blue seas, white sandy beaches, healthy and beautiful reefs, and many different types of water activities. Whether you want to go there to enjoy the spectacular destination or go on a cruise, it is all fun and relaxing.


The land of smiles is the most famous tourist destination in Southeast Asia, and for a reason. You will enjoy its picturesque scenery and friendly environment. You will love the beautiful beach resorts and frenetic nightlife. Puhuket and Koh Samui are just two of the beach resorts you will want to visit.

Also, you can enjoy the different adventures you can do in the country at relatively good prices. You should visit Chiang Mai, Thailand’s old capital in the Northen Hills, to see the city’s most popular attractions the Doi Suthep temple.


The country is rich not just in natural beauty but it is also rich of colonial heritage. Experience the frenzied chaos of the cities while enjoying its delectable cuisine. You and your best friend will have fun as the both of you chronicle the adventures of your vacation in the beautiful country.